Unique Quality Product Enterprise provides high quality and nutritious DIM Fonio product to the market, where we sell our reliable DIM Fonio to our ever-growing clients. Originally geared toward the local community, the market has extended to include a much larger geographical area, in addition to a very broad consumer response.

About us

Unique Quality Product is a Ghanaian company based in Northern Ghana that aims to become the leading processors of high quality nutritious Fonio products in the West Africa sub region. The company was formed in 2013 and started registering farmers in 2014 to produce Fonio and full operation started in 2015. We are located in the Northern part of the country and operating in a local community called pagzaa. Continue reading “About us”

How we work

In Northern Ghana, 70–‐84 of the population lives in rural areas. In some areas, upwards of 88% of households are dependent on crop agriculture as their primary livelihood activity (WFP2012). To bring about the change that will have an impact on rural people and women, who are mostly farmers, we are working with rural farmers and women groups in northern Ghana to improve their livelihood situations and reduce malnutrition among children and pregnant women.