SEND Ghana

This is an international non- profit organization who have partnered with UQPE to support their farmers in two districts to produce Fonio in 2016. This is part of the organization aim to ensure food security and increase incomes of farmers in these districts. Farmers will be sensitized and registered to produce Fonio. They are providing the farmers with the necessary trainings and skills to produce Fonio.

Food and Science Department of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

This department has so far supported the company with all its research activities. They supported us in substantiating the nutrient requirements of our products before it goes to the food and drugs authority for certification, and also exploring the possibility of developing new products for the company.

Ministry Of Food and Agriculture (MoFA)

We have collaborated with the ministry of food and agriculture district offices to provide extension services to Fonio farmers. Since famers have stop producing this crop for some time, they need extension visits by the MoFA extension officers to ensure good agricultural practices are upheld. This extension services are expected to lead to increased outputs.

Food and Drugs Authority

This department is responsible for the certification of the company’s products. They have certified and approved organic Fonio. We will continue to partner with this organization to certify our new products in the near future.