About us

Unique Quality Product is a Ghanaian company based in Northern Ghana that aims to become the leading processors of high quality nutritious Fonio products in the West Africa sub region. The company was formed in 2013 and started registering farmers in 2014 to produce Fonio and full operation started in 2015. We are located in the Northern part of the country and operating in a local community called pagzaa.

Unique Quality Product Enterprise is employing the market oriented approach in reviving this important crop in Ghana by setting up a processing unit that will process Fonio into fine texture for sale. This approach will motivate farmers to get into the production of these crops, revived and consumed them and also allow millions of people to benefit through sales.

We are currently processing and marketing Fonio. Fonio is an indigenous West African crop that is grown in the Northern part of Ghana. It has a maturity period of 8 weeks and can grow on less fertile soils. This crop is drought resistant and needs little water to grow and can be harvested three times in a season. It is a crop that can be relied on in semi-arid areas with poor soils, where rains are brief and unreliable.

Farmer’s capacity has been strengthened to form producer organisations to effectively produce and sell Fonio for the processing centre. We have also strengthened the capacity of women to process a clean and whitened Fonio which is of high quality for the market.